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With its rugged countryside formed by the Alps and the famous Danube River, Austria is home to vast and incredibly beautiful landscapes. It is a German speaking country filled with awe-inspiring architecture in its ancient, yet modern, cities and rich history. A member of the European Union, Austria is known for exporting well-made vehicles and machinery, farming delicious sugar beets and potatoes and is the site of many exquisite palaces that are a must-see. What Type of Schools Offer Undergraduate Degrees in Austria? At the heart of Austria’s higher education system lies the University of Vienna, its largest and oldest university. Along with this university, Austria offers its students access to many types of education in various colleges and other institutions. Even though this country is the birthplace of some of the most influential musicians of all time, it presents its students with much more than just the arts in terms of subjects to study. With the introduction of Fachhochschulen in the 1990s, this type of school dedicated to the applied sciences gives students structure and skills applicable to the professional world. How Long is the Academic Year in Austria? Austrian schools tend to follow the semester pattern with the first semester of the year beginning mid-September and continuing until the middle of December. Following a winter break, school resumes in January and lets out in June with several small holiday breaks thrown in throughout the academic year. Tuition Fees Up until the year 2001, higher education was free for the public. Beginning in that year, the education system was reformed and it began to be offered at a price. Even though obtaining an undergraduate degree from Austria is no longer free, the costs are very reasonable for both local and international students. Austrian citizens can expect to pay on average €366 per term with €700 per term being the fee for non-Austrians. How Long Does it Take to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Austria? In Austria, a bachelor’s degree is earned after completing between three and four years of university level education. This was decided after several European countries completed the Bologna Process and entered into specific agreements concerning higher education. Because of this, some Austrian degrees and fields of study are still being worked out as to length of time needed. Why Earn an Undergraduate Degree in Austria? With Austria’s extraordinary cityscape and countryside, you can feel at home even when you’re studying abroad. Its amazing quality of education that is recognized most everywhere gives you the knowledge and tools that you need to be successful in whatever profession you choose to pursue. Keep your cultural abilities sharpened and obtain your degree in the beautiful country of Austria.

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