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Program Description

Entrepreneurship, professional practice and transferable skills are essential attributes needed to develop and maintain a career in the music industry. The music business degree is managed and taught by industry professionals and practitioners with years of experience, across the key areas of the music industry. With close links to the industry, you'll also benefit from guest lectures, seminars, workshops and have the opportunity to take part in masterclasses with industry experts such as managers and record label executives.


This course is designed to offer opportunities and benefits not only to applicants interested in a career in the business areas, but also to creatives and practitioners, who create and produce music and may be interested in self-management and distribution.

You'll develop fundamental skills in business and project management, business operations, marketing and law, with emphasis and context to the music industry.

Your future in the music business:

Now is truly exciting time to be in the music business as technological advances and behavioural change present new opportunities. Our focus on entrepreneurship, enterprise and employability, as well as the opportunity to do work placements during your studies, will help you seize these opportunities as the industry continues to adapt and evolve.

SAE has alumni working across the world in the music industry. You’ll be joining an international community of over 12,000 graduates, giving you unrivalled access to a network of potential business partners.


Industry Overview

To begin to develop an awareness of the music industry, you will look at the key areas, such as the traditional and new models of record companies, music publishing, live performance and the various aspects of artist management.

You will analyse how the industry has evolved and the trends and procedures that exist today. We also provide you with a broad overview of the industry’s institutions and their impact on each other and the wider sector, as well as advising you of regulations and systems of revenue collection.

Profiling and Content Management

This module will allow you to develop and apply skills and knowledge in two of the most important areas of the music industry - Recording and Publishing. You will look at how music publishing operates and how to seek opportunities for an artist/songwriter, while also creating a portfolio to raise the profile of an artist, with use of press kits, artwork and releasing a single.

Marketing, Business Planning and Law

In this module you will further your understanding of advanced principles and workings of business and communication, contracts and planning as well as develop your enterprising skills.

You will undertake a large-scale self-directed creative project that gives you the opportunity to explore and reflect on the professional as well as the relevant theoretical, creative and logistical considerations that a project of this scale demands.

Cost & Fees

SAE Institute is a private higher education provider. Funding towards tuition fees is available to UK/EU students, but does not cover the whole course fee.


Tuition Fees vary according to campus and whether you are a UK/EU student or an International student.

For the London and Oxford campuses, fees are £9,000 per year for UK Students and £12,000 per year for International students.

For Liverpool, the fees are £8,000 per year for UK/EU students and £11,000 per year for International students. From September 2015, these fees will rise to £9,000 (UK/EU) and £12,000(International students) per year.

Fees at our Glasgow campus are £6,000 per year for UK/EU students and £9,000 per year for international students. From September 2015, these will rise to £7,000 per year (UK/EU) and £10,000 (international students) per year.

2 Year Degree

As our degrees are only 2 years, you save a considerable amount on both tuition fees and living expenses when compared to a traditional 3 year degree. So, you can study and graduate with a much lower level of student debt!

As Tuition Fee loan funding does not cover the whole course fee, there is a small amount that you may need to pay through your own means. We understand this is not always easy, especially when you don't have an income, which is why we have developed payment plans to spread the small difference you need to pay. If you are not eligable for funding, we have payment plans for you too.

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SAE Institute was founded in 1976 by Dr. Tom Misner in Sydney, Australia offering post-secondary courses in audio engineering. SAE Institute has since grown to become the world’s largest practical creative media educator with 54 campuses in 26 countries Read less
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