Business Administration

Top Undergraduate Studies in Gibraltar 2019

A student earns a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree after they complete the necessary studies relating to business and commerce. It usually takes four years of full-time enrollment to earn this type of degree.

Gibraltar is an excellent place to pursue higher education, as it follows the English model of schooling. Though there were once few institutions of higher learning within the country, recent government regulations have led to the creation of these institutions.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees in Gibraltar

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University of Gibraltar

Get ready for the world of business with this three-year, industry-focused course. ... [+]

About this course

Today’s business world requires graduates with an understanding of all aspects of business, who are able to think critically and act decisively.

Designed in collaboration with the University’s Business Key Advisory Group, high-profile academics and industry experts, this course prepares you for business challenges by providing you with high-level skills across key aspects of the business as well as deeper knowledge in an area of chosen specialisation.

The course also offers invaluable experience of working within the industry through annual placements. Students can also choose one major from the following: Management, Finance, Digital Innovation, Accounting, Marketing, Tourism.... [-]

September 2019
3 years
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