BBA Program in Valencia in Spain

Top Bachelors of Business Administration (BBAs) in Valencia in Spain 2019


A student earns a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree after they complete the necessary studies relating to business and commerce. It usually takes four years of full-time enrollment to earn this type of degree.

Being the 3rd largest city in Spain, Valencia is located in the Valencia community. It is a commercial port town with over 1 million inhabitants. It has rich culture, several sights and museums. It has over 4 universities.

Bachelors of Business Administration (BBAs) in Valencia in Spain

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Bachelor in Business and Administration

Valencia Catholic University
Campus Full time September 2019 Spain Valencia

Bachelor in Business and Administration [+]

Subject Term ECTS Abstract

Microeconomics/ Microeconomía 1 6

Students begin to familiarize with the way economists think and they start to understand the basic working of market economy, the fundamentals of supply and demand, the prices as information for the allocation of resources, and markets with different degrees of competition. Other important concepts taught are: preferences in consumer behavior, budget constraint, and scarcity of resources; as well as elements of the decision of production of a company and the different contexts or market structures in which they operate

Principles of Management/Fundamentals de Dirección de Empresas 1 6

The main purpose of the subject is to provide a vision of the reality in which the firms develop their work, contributing to create professionals capable of carrying out work involving management, consulting, and evaluation in production and service organizations, and their functional areas... [-]