Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration


Program Description

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration prepares students to mature into professionals that have an active role in the economic decision-making process. It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of economics and with the right instruments to operate in financial institutions and organizations public and private.

The Bachelor’s Degree is offered in a blended modality, combining in-person activities with the following multimedia learning tools:

  • Audio-video lessons (accessible through the web platform in an asynchronous way)
  • Text materials (accessible through the web platform);
  • Self-Assessments: true/false questions, multiple choice, hot-spot image, chart test, role-playing, simulations (accessible through the web platform);
  • Written assignments requiring the accomplishment of specific tasks in which students show their mastery of methodologies, tools and critical autonomy.

Program Objective

At the conclusion of the Bachelor Degree program, graduates will have acquired the theoretical and analytical instruments necessary to fully comprehend the functioning of markets, businesses and financial institutions, as well as the role of economic policies and its influence on the business sector and the economy itself.

Those in possession of a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration may continue with their academic studies and pursue a Master degree if desired.


  • BUL 2430 Business Law
  • BUL 2601 International Law
  • BUL 3710 Bankruptcy Law
  • BUS 4023 Environmental Policies
  • BUS 4033 Business Communication
  • BUS 4053 Public Control on Enterprise Crisis
  • BUS 4133 Corporate Investment Banking
  • CAP 4901 Business Administration Capstone Project
  • ECO 2013 Macroeconomics
  • ECO 2023 Microeconomics
  • ECO 2033 Economic Policy
  • ECO 2043 Economics of Innovation
  • ECO 2053 Economic Planning
  • ECO 2063 International Economics
  • ECO 3051 Banking Economy
  • ECO 3061 Economic Statistics
  • ECO 4003 Political Economy
  • ECO 4063 Economic Analysis of Law
  • ECO 4073 Economy and International Company Management
  • ECO 4103 Comparative Fiscal System
  • ENC 1101 English Composition I
  • ENC 1102 English Composition II
  • FIN 2501 Financial Mathematics
  • FIN 2601 Financial Regulation and Global Finance
  • FIN 3021 Global Banking
  • FIN 3031 Corporate Finance
  • FIN 3035 Financial Statement Analysis
  • GEB 1011 Business Administration
  • INR 4502 International Organization
  • ISM 3001 Information Technology
  • MAC 1005 College Mathematics I
  • MAC 1014 College Mathematics II
  • MAN 3301 Human Resources Management
  • MIS 3004 Business Information Systems
  • PHI 3643 Business Ethics
  • PSY 2001 General Psychology
  • STA 2311 Statistics
  • SYG 2001 Sociology
  • WHO 1026 World History

Admission Requirements

  • Submit a High School Diploma or a GED
  • Submit a completed Admissions Application
  • Submit a $29 nonrefundable application fee
  • Submit an updated Resume
  • Submit a personal statement that describes the applicant’s professional accomplishments and goals
  • Copy of valid government issued ID
Last updated October 2018

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