The Bachelor's program in Administration and Management is a professional program designed to improve society, generating resources and wealth through corporate governance and management, or through Family Business Management. The program aims to foster entrepreneurship, preparing future business leaders with the particular humanistic and business formation which characterizes Universidad Panamericana.


Students who are interested in preparing to be Managers and want to potentiate their strategic vision and technical capabilities through managerial work and involvement in organization development.

Business focus to choose from:


  • Are you interested in learning about the different factors involved in efficient business management?
  • Would you like to learn the correct tools for delegating responsibility?
  • Are you looking for quality managerial development?
  • Are you interested in developing knowledge and skills in management, corporate governance, and strategy?

Family Business

  • Do you want to be able to identify the variables which emerge in the present and future of a family business?
  • Are you looking to grow and consolidate a Family Business?
  • Do you want to acquire the tools needed for a managerial succession of a Family Business?


Vision: Create and or develop new business opportunities.


Identify business opportunities, develop and implement them within a business Start up new projects for a new business or within an established business Understand the guidelines that set the course of the financial and economic activities of a company


  • Business Leadership
  • Decision making: Analyze all aspects
  • High capacity for communication and negotiation
  • Strong interpersonal and social skills


  • Innovation
  • Ethical commitment
  • Spirit of service

According to the profile, you will also acquire the following:


  • Create companies
  • Be a protagonist and a change agent in the organization where you work
  • Positions: Management or senior executive levels
  • Business: Local, national, multinational and international
  • Hold a strategic and holistic view of the most important areas of administration

Family Business

  • Create, give continuity to, or develop family businesses
  • Make a positive influence on society by generating greater economic value with an international perspective
  • Have the tools to carry out a succession plan for a family business


Our students have participated in internship programs in companies such as Grupo Aeropuertario del Pacífico (GAP), KDM Logistics, Deloitte, Consultores de Negocios SC, among others.

There is also the possibility of carrying out internship programs or service learning within a family business, with approval from the program coordinator.


Administration and Management prepare students to carry out business strategy and participate in decisions which will define the future of the family or own business, independently of the position occupied by the organization.

The work field can be divided into two areas:

Board of Shareholder:

a) Graduates can become members of a Board of Directors and Shareholders, where they will have the ability to take decisions to satisfy all parties.

b) Likewise, graduates can work as Board members in a family business, in their own business, or in another company. They will be prepared in areas such as corporate governance, or strategic planning, seeking to develop the correct vision for the company.

Executive Presidency:

The second field of work would be as a CEO, where graduates can take on a more active role, not only in the creation of strategies but also in their implementation, with a critical view.

The program is flexible, depending on the graduate; he or she can opt for other fields of work or areas of involvement.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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