Do you have an analytical mind? Do you find it an exciting challenge to translate the abstraction of mathematics and statistics into solutions for real problems? Do you have a practical nature and would you like to put it to use to solve the big issues in society? If so, the bachelor's programme in Econometrics and Operations Research could be right for you. The programme involves solving problems using insights from:

  • mathematics
  • statistics
  • economics
  • computer science

During the programme, you will gain in-depth theoretical knowledge of econometrics and operations research as well as develop practical skills. You will learn to quantitatively formulate and analyze questions from economic practice by developing models that can be used to interpret data, particularly ‘big data’. You will also learn to develop software to find the most efficient solution to the problem at hand. For instance, you might develop a model that can:

  • determine the effects of an interest rate cut by the European Central Bank on employment
  • portray the risk scenarios of an investment strategy
  • create the optimal schedule for the Dutch railways
  • find optimal routes to navigate (roads or) other types of networks

Excellent study environment
Econometrics and Operations Research at VU Amsterdam is a small-scale programme. You can always count on personal guidance by senior students and instructors, and on expert lectures. You will attend mathematics lectures given by mathematicians, learn programming from computer scientists and attend economics lectures given by our top economists. You will also participate in integration practicals, in which you can apply the material from various courses to interesting case studies in a practical and coherent way. This makes the theory really come to life and optimally prepares you for professional practice.

Best programme in this field of study
In the 2017 and 2018 National Student Survey, students of the bachelor’s programme in Econometrics and Operations Research at VU Amsterdam assessed our programme as the best in its field of study!


VU is looking further. As an Econometrics and Operations Research student, the latest insights from the interdisciplinary VU research theme Governance for Society will be integrated into your curriculum. You will learn to look at problems from various disciplinary perspectives in order to develop complete and effective solutions. For example, you might develop a model involving multiple disciplines that:

  • describes movements in the market (finance), including the diversity of trade constructions and the high pace of the transaction process (economics)
  • predicts future demand for a treatment (healthcare) at a hospital and determines the optimal number of beds that will maximize the level of service (operations management) while staying within budget (economics)


After this bachelor specialisation, you will become a specialist in econometrics and data analysis who is valued highly by companies such as Google, Amazon and, but also financial institutions, consultancy firms, e-commerce organizations, start-ups exploring the latest developments in data science including App-Annie, PPC (pay-per-click) etc. Many graduates continue with a Master’s programme in Econometrics for which various other specialisations exist.


An education level at least equivalent to Dutch VWO with Mathematics B is required. You can have a deficiency regarding these criteria at the time of application but the criteria should be fully met before September.

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Last updated April 23, 2019
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