Nationwide, psychology is one of the fastest growing, most popular majors. The same is true of psychology at McMurry University. The knowledge our majors gain is foundational to any career that deals with people and relationships. However, at McMurry we don’t simply teach psychology; we model and encourage a commitment to people in the following ways:

Student-centered teaching — Students’ learning and well-being are our top priority. We make time for students, whether in the classroom or in one-on-one conversations. We take great pleasure and pride in helping our students grow intellectually as well as personally.

Interactive learning — We encourage our students to be active participants in their own learning through classroom discussions and computer technology. Our students can participate in hands-on internships where they learn about the use of psychology in the real world. Our faculty members invite students to collaborate in ongoing psychology research projects, and they promote student interaction through Psychology Club activities and get-togethers at faculty members’ homes.

Integration of academics and faith — We believe the human psyche and human spirit are inseparable, and the hand of God is evident throughout the study and practice of psychology. In classes such as Psychology & Christianity, and in more traditional psychology classes, we encourage students to explore and deepen their own faith as they learn about the human mind.


The ideal McMurry psychology student has a strong curiosity about human behavior and emotions, is not afraid of difficult questions, and has a high motivation to learn and work hard. In the psychology department, students are not a number. We surround our students with a faithful Christian environment while guiding them toward successful professional lives.

Senior Seminar in Psychology. This is a course is designed to stimulate critical thinking and initiate debate on a number of diverse controversial issues in psychology. The emphasis is on explaining different theoretical approaches to psychological issues and how they can be integrated into a conceptual whole. It is team-taught by two full-time faculty members and is intended as a capstone course for the psychology major at McMurry University.

Research Opportunities. Faculty are involved with ongoing research in their specialty areas. Interested students may work with faculty on these research projects or plan and implement research of their own under the supervision of a faculty member.

Internship in Psychology. Senior-level psychology majors are encouraged to consider participation in the internship program, PSYC 4388. It is intended as an upper level elective for psychology majors and is a pre-approved and supervised work experience designed to supplement academic training. Students will work 150 hours at a local agency and attend weekly supervisory meetings. Interested students should discuss this course with the psychology faculty October 1 for spring semester placement and by March 1 for summer or fall semester placement. In the program, students receive meaningful practical experience by working in a mental health setting to see how the theoretical concepts of psychology are put into practice.

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