The 120-credit B.S. in Accounting prepares students for acceptance into various master’s programs and for employment in either the public, private, government or not-for-profit sectors in addition to entry-level positions in business, financial and accounting firms. Students learn essential skills in financial and managerial accounting, taxation and auditing. The curriculum provides a systems approach to prepare students to be technically competent, alert to ethical issues and able to adapt to changes in technology, regulation, and globalization.

Student clubs for accounting majors include the Accounting Society, which regularly sponsors professional events and host lectures by guest speakers in the accounting profession. The National Association of Black Accountants offers students the opportunity to participate in mentorship and apprenticeship programs, providing them with the hands-on experience that is so critical to future employers.

Accounting students also help low-income, disabled and non-English-speaking individuals in the community with their yearly tax preparation through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

Finance, Accounting, and Taxation

The Department of Finance, Accounting, and Taxation offers degree programs leading to many exciting careers in banking, public accounting, consulting and government, in addition to providing preparation for entry into M.B.A. programs and law school, as well as other advanced-degree programs.

Students learn essential skills in financial managerial accounting, taxation, and auditing. Our curriculum provides a systems approach to develop students who are technically competent, alert to ethical issues and able to adapt to changes in technology, regulation, and globalization.

Entrepreneurship @ LIU

Entrepreneurial thinkers create value in society using innovation under conditions of uncertainty. The ability to think entrepreneurially is critical for all students, regardless of their major or their career plans. The entrepreneurship program at LIU Brooklyn is designed to engage students to think entrepreneurially while they learn how to execute on their vision efficiently and effectively.

The entrepreneurial process requires students to ask tough questions about the nature of their venture using skills developed throughout the business core. What are the benefits of the product or service and how is it differentiated from the competition? What is the target market and how will it be penetrated? How will the product or service be produced? What personnel are required and how will they be managed? What are the risks of the venture and what can be done to reduce them? What are the financial implications of the plan? What resources, including funding, are required?

The best way to understand the entrepreneurial process is to take a hands-on, experiential approach. In this major, students will interact extensively with the business community both inside and outside the classroom and produce a plan that is both defensible to potential investors and actionable in the real world.

There are three ways to study entrepreneurship at LIU Brooklyn. At the undergraduate level, there is a major and a minor available.

Student Associations, Organizations & Club

The School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences has a number of student associations, organizations, and clubs that students can join. These groups provide students with the opportunity to meet and to network with other students, faculty members, and professionals who share similar interests. They foster personal and professional growth and leadership opportunities outside of the classroom and are wonderful additions to your résumé. This Web page provides a broad overview of each group. We urge students to get involved with the group that relates to their career path. Those students who have yet to choose a major can also become involved in these student associations, organizations or clubs to explore various career paths in the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences.

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