Best Undergraduate Studies in Administration Studies in Aracaju Brazil

A bachelor’s degree is a four-year undergraduate degree and is the standard for higher education throughout most of the world. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned at state universities, at private universities, at community colleges and via online universities.

Graduates of the Bachelor in Administration will have strong skills in management, business decision making and communication. This is because the degree, which is similar to a BBA program, intends to provide a broad education in the functional areas of a company.

Though, the smallest state in Brazil, Aracaju has several education facilities that offer higher learning opportunities to people. Well known facilities like Federal University of Sergipe, Tiradentes University and Sao Luis College are based here.

Best Bachelor Program in Administration Studies in Aracaju in Brazil

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Bachelor in human resource management

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full-time 4 semesters March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

The universe of professional orders organizations to reconcile the company's interests with those of those who work it. Recent years have been unique in the socioeconomic history of Pernambuco, considering the generated set of initiatives already being implemented or in the middle of negotiations and planning.

Bachelor in administration

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full-time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

The current social situation has brought changes in various fields of human activity. Technological advances and globalization require professionals increasingly prepared for a more competitive market.

Bachelor in logistics

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full-time 2 years March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

The Logistics course applies the main transport procedures, warehousing and logistics. Run and schedule maintenance program for machinery and equipment, purchasing, receiving, storage, handling, dispatch and distribution of materials and products. Collaborates in inventory management.

Bachelor in human resources

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full-time 2 years March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

In this course you will learn to deal with the biggest capital of the company, human capital, learn techniques to lead people and thus cause that they can bring the desired results by the organizations.