Best Undergraduate Studies 2019/2020 in Africa

Students who want to further their education after obtaining a bachelor’s degree may want to pursue a Master. This advanced degree is available in a wide range of areas such as science, business, technology, arts and humanities.

Bachelor Degree in Africa

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BEng (Hons) in Construction Engineering and Management

The British University in Egypt
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Egypt Cairo

Provide a state-of-the-art programme that reflect a flexibility in changing to match the fast pace of emerging technologies employed in the construction industry, and to achieve the BUE’s and the Faculty’s key objectives to promote cultural, economic, social and technological development via capable construction engineering and management graduates, educated to the best UK academic standards, who are independent learners.

Bachelor (Hons) Modelling and Data Science

University of Mauritius
Campus Full-time 4 years August 2020 Mauritius Réduit

The University of Mauritius in collaboration with University Paris Seine is currently offering a dual degree programme: Bachelor (Hons) Modelling and Data Science, also known as International Bachelor Ygrec in Modelling and Data Science. Data science, cybersecurity, economic and financial engineering, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies are all great challenges which companies face today and which require new and sharp skills.

Bachelor of Commerce in Information and Technology Management

Campus Full-time 3 years August 2020 Mauritius Vacoas-Phoenix

The Bachelor of Commerce in Information and Technology Management develops applied competence in analyzing, interpreting and applying information technology (IT) management principles and methods. It further develops the intellectual, research and professional skills of the student. The qualification prepares students to meaningfully participate in the management of information technology in organizations and contribute to the well-being of the organization.

Bachelor of Commerce in Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Campus Full-time 3 years February 2020 South Africa Johannesburg Cape Town Durban Port Elizabeth Botswana Gaborone + 5 more

At AFDA, we recognise the need for a unique education for careers in the creative economy. In 2015 we announced the AFDA School of Business Innovation & Technology; a new stream addressing the rapid changes in business and technology and that will better prepare graduates for opportunities of the future.

Degree in economics and management

Université Catholique de Bukavu
Campus Full-time September 2019 Congo, DR Bukavu

The faculty of economics contributes to the creation of well-being for all in a world where glaring inequalities invite the economy to think differently.

Bachelor of Business Leadership (BBL)

Pan Africa Christian University
Campus Full-time Request Info Kenya Nairobi

The purpose of the PAC University Bachelor of Business Leadership is to develop positive, goal-oriented leaders: persons who thoroughly understand and who apply their knowledge, skills, and values to impact the marketplace in dynamic and salutary ways.

Working Adults Bachelor Program

Cavendish University Uganda
Campus Full-time 3 - 4 years Request Info Uganda Kampala

Earning a university degree has been made convenient for Working Adults! Cavendish University Uganda's new Working Adult Programme provides unbundled undergraduate degrees that allow students to choose a number of courses to take at a given time in the year to fit their lifestyle.

Bachelor of Commerce

Cornerstone Institute
Online Full-time Part-time 3 - 6 years Request Info South Africa Cape Town + 1 more

The aim of this programme is to prepare potential business leaders either to develop their own business or to improve their basic business skills, based on ethical defendable foundations which will benefit society.

Bachelor in International Tourism

Ostelea Morocco
Campus Full-time 3 years Request Info Morocco Rabat

The development of the International Tourism License Program by Ostelea Rabat, is in line with and is in line with the policy of the Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Crafts and Social Economy of the Kingdom of Morocco . The degree in International Tourism covers the field of social sciences such as economics, history, geography, geopolitics, law, sociology, social responsibility, sustainable development, human resources; as well as a more technical dimension including marketing, management, logistics, quality procedures, new information technologies and social networks.

BEng Chemical Engineering

Botswana International University Of Science And Technology
Campus Full-time 5 years September 2019 Botswana Palapye

Chemical engineers are principally involved in the production of a wide range of chemicals such as soaps, dyes, polyethene, detergents, fertilizers, cement, bricks etc., foodstuffs such as cooking oil, margarine, beverages and pharmaceuticals as well as petroleum products, but they are also involved in production of potable water, pulp and paper, cars, steel, mineral resources processing, production of energy, textiles, beverages, waste processing and minimization, river, water, soil and air pollution and treatment.

Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching

University of Johannesburg
Campus Full-time 4 years January 2020 South Africa Johannesburg

The Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching prepares students to teach learners from Grades 4 to 7. The purpose of the qualification is to deliver professionally qualified beginner teachers for the intermediate phase. This is done by providing student teachers with a well-rounded education that equips them with the required subject content knowledge base, teaching competence, a sound and nuanced understanding of the integrated nature of theory and practice in education and the context of the teaching profession in South Africa.

Bachelor of Commerce

Pioneer International University PIU
Campus Full-time January 2020 Kenya Nairobi

The B.Com programme has been designed to produce graduates to work in the areas of management, finance, accountancy, marketing, banking, consultancy, administration and related fields.

Basic license in legal sciences

Campus Full-time 3 years September 2019 Tunisia Tunis

The basic license in legal sciences is a diploma that prepares the long course of study and to national and international competition law (notary, bar ...).

degree in computer engineering

Université Internationale de Rabat (UIR)
Campus Full-time August 2020 Morocco Rabat

The diploma License "Genie Computing" is a double diploma issued by the UIR and the University of Nantes, was obtained after the success of the program for three years.The form of license

BCom Digital Marketing Degree | Digital Marketing

Vega School of Brand Leadership
Campus Full-time 3 weeks February 2020 South Africa Johannesburg Durban Cape Town Pretoria + 3 more

​The programme prepares students for a career in Digital Marketing; to use technology to communicate brand, product and service messages to a target audience; and to grow business. Graduates will be able to apply search engine, mobile and online marketing insight in guiding technology specialists and developers in the planning and implementation of digital marketing strategies. In addition, the qualification ensures that students understand the brand and business environment with regard to digital marketing, management, financial and project management.