7 Bachelor Programs in Archival Science 2020

Archival science refers to the preservation of materials for a company. Archival Science scholars might learn about the management and preservation of a digital library. Many archivists work in the private sector to catalog a company’s important administrative documents.

Bachelor's Degree in Archival Science

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Bachelor in Information and Computing Science

Liaoning University of Technology
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 China Jinzhou

This major aims to cultivate advanced talents to gain an excellent mathematical foundation and the ability of mathematical thinking and to master the basic theories, methods, and skills of Information and Computing Science so that students can solve practical problems of information processing and scientific and engineering computing with a certain spirit of innovation. Students can engage in the work of research, mathematics, application development, and management in departments like science and technology, education, economy and finance and IT industry after graduation.

Bachelor Of Computer Science (Database Management)

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka UTeM
Campus Full-time

The learning objectives of this course are to produce knowledge and highly skilled graduates in the field of information technology and communication. Graduates pursuing the program are equipped with the in-depth knowledge and specialized skills in database management area.

Bachelor in Communication and Information Sciences (C.I.S.): Language Learning and Language Teaching

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Campus Full-time 3 years September 2020 Netherlands Amsterdam

This programme bridges the gap between what linguists know about the learnability of languages and what language teachers experience in daily life. We aim to explain why certain aspects of languages are extremely difficult to learn while others are not, and how this varies for different learner groups. We use this information to critically analyze teaching and assessment materials and to develop and investigate new teaching methods and language interventions.

Degree in information and documentation

Universidade da Coruña
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 Spain Ferrol

The Degree in Information and Documentation is oriented to offer a multipurpose training for information management, which includes the selection, analysis and retrieval of information in the most diverse contexts.

Degree in Information and Documentation

Universidad de Salamanca
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Spain Salamanca

This Degree is included within the branch of Social and Legal Sciences and tries to respond to the growing demand of professionals in the field of management, treatment, conservation and dissemination of information and documents. Graduates in Information and Documentation will be professionals capable of integrating into services and information systems of all kinds, and will facilitate that these organizations provide better services, quantitatively and qualitatively.

Bachelor of Information Sciences

Massey University
Campus Online Full-time Part-time 3 years March 2020 New Zealand Auckland Palmerston North + 3 more

Information Sciences spans across most of our daily lives and this will only increase as the world becomes more connected. Be part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world and choose an exciting, innovative career solving real-world problems with technology. At Massey University you can follow your interest in computing in a friendly and flexible learning environment.

Bachelor's in Information Science and Technology

Cabrini University
Campus Full-time September 2020 USA Radnor

Learn the concepts and skills needed to meet the information technology needs and challenges of the Information Age workplace and society as an Information Science and Technology (I.S.T.) major or minor.