Top Bachelors in Australia 2019/2020

A Bachelor's degree can lead educational doors, provide opportunity for career advancement, or lay the groundwork for the pursuit of an advanced degree. Our goal is to help prospective students navigate the program selection process successfully. We do things easy by streamlining the search.

To become a master, students must complete a required number of courses at the graduate level. This degree typically takes about two years to complete as a full-time student. Choose among a wide range of topics, including engineering, art, and business.

Australia has seven of the top 100 institution of higher learning in the world! Australia sits above the likes of Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, placing eighth in the Universitas 2012 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems.

Undergraduate Studies in Australia

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Bachelor of Agribusiness

Leaders Institute
Campus Full-time 3 years January 2020 Australia Brisbane City

Australia is a world leader in sustainable agriculture and food production. Globally, there is a severe shortage of agribusiness professionals. Leaders Institute’s Bachelor of Agribusiness is ideally placed to prepare graduates for this ready market nationally and internationally.

Bachelor of Music (Performance)

Australian Academy Of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA)
Campus Full-time Part-time 2 years January 2020 Australia Surry Hills + 1 more

AMPA’s Bachelor of Music (Performance) consistently produces professional performers and composers who are ready for the challenges a career in music will throw at them.

Bachelor of International Business

La Trobe University
Campus Full-time 3 years Request Info Australia Melbourne Sydney + 1 more

Prepare for a career in international business through studies in international relations, international human resource management and international marketing.

Bachelor of Psychological Science

University of Wollongong
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 years March 2020 Australia Wollongong + 1 more

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, and how they influence behaviour. Psychological research seeks to identify those mechanisms that explain behaviour in various contexts. Psychologists use research findings to help us understand who we are and how we think, feel, act and change. By understanding these aspects of human behaviour, psychologists are able to promote wellbeing and understand psychological problems affecting people. Psychologists' clients include children, adults, couples, families and organisations.

Bachelor of Commerce

The University of Western Australia
Campus January 2020 Australia Crawley

Real-world experiences are at the heart of the Bachelor of Commerce. This degree develops your analytical, communication and problem-solving skills, providing you with a global perspective on business and preparing you to pursue a career within the business, government or not-for-profit sectors. Learn from leading academics, develop high-level industry networks and graduate with a degree that can take you anywhere in the world.

Bachelor of Applied Cloud Technology

La Trobe –Didasko
Online Full-time Part-time 1 - 3 years January 2020 Australia Melbourne + 1 more

The La Trobe University Bachelor of Applied Cloud Technology has been purpose-built for the cloud computing sector in a unique collaboration with global giant Amazon. The cloud sector is currently enjoying rapid growth, but a critical skills shortage beckons. This degree incorporates 6 highly regarded industry certifications (4 of which are Amazon Web Services specific) and the degree is designed with the specific objective of providing employment solutions.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Mechatronic) LHIF

University of South Australia
Campus Full-time 4 years February 2020 Australia Adelaide

You will apply engineering theory to real-world challenges, becoming skilled in electrical generation systems; renewable energy sources; electric and autonomous vehicles; and robotics and consumer products.

Bachelor of Marketing and Communication

University of South Australia Online
Online Full-time Part-time 3 years January 2020 Australia Adelaide + 1 more

Gain the skills you need to excel in any marketing and communication (marcomms) role, no matter what industry you choose to work in. Explore diverse areas such as social media, public relations, marketing analytics, digital marketing, advertising, retailing, brand management, and content creation. Learn how to develop effective integrated campaigns by combining your creativity and passion for content creation with your marketing and data analytical skills. Whether you’re looking to restart your career or make a change, this degree will set you up on a path towards career success.

Bachelor of Commerce (Management)

University of Wollongong Faculty of Business
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 years January 2020 Australia North Wollongong Sydney + 2 more

Management is the art and science of planning, coordinating and leading group efforts. It is the mobilizing of human and material resources to achieve organizational goals.

Bachelor of Science

Queensland University of Technology
Campus Full-time 3 years February 2020 Australia Brisbane

Be at the cutting edge of science education with QUT’s multimillion-dollar research and teaching facilities, award-winning teachers and world-renowned researchers.

Bachelor of Entertainment Management

Australian Institute of Music
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 - 6 years Request Info Australia Sydney Melbourne + 2 more

Manage the business side of the music industry: take your knowledge to the next level.

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering and Infrastructure)(Honours)

RMIT - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Campus Full-time Part-time 4 - 8 years Request Info Australia Melbourne + 1 more

Your career in civil engineering Civil and infrastructure engineers plan, design, construct, supervise, manage and maintain the essential infrastructure of our modern community.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Melbourne Polytechnic
Campus Full-time 3 years Request Info Australia Melbourne

Australia offers world class training opportunities in hospitality management and Melbourne Polytechnic's Bachelor of Hospitality Management sets the standard. Develop your leadership abilities and acquire the practical industry skills and knowledge you need to manage businesses and facilities around the world with this degree.

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Sustainable Business)

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
Campus Online Full-time Part-time 3 years Request Info Australia Toowoomba Springfield Australia Online + 4 more

Sustainable business is highly topical, generating a huge amount of political and social interest. With USQ’s Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Sustainable Business) you will focus on business operations, as well as gain an understanding of the science that underpins the need for sustainable practices and the knowledge to find effective and practical solutions to the issues that face business. Areas that are covered include environmental studies, biodiversity, conservation, environmental law, sustainable economies, sustainable business and sustainable accounting and finance.

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

Bond University
Campus Full-time 36 weeks January 2020 Australia Robina

The Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) is designed to provide students with an integrated, comprehensive, and complete education in the discipline of psychology.