Best Bachelors in Brazil 2019

Some of the best universities in Latin America are based in Brazil, a country that has more than 2,000 higher education institutions. Universities in Brazil can be divided up into the following classifications: Federal government managed universities; state government controlled universities; municipal government managed universities and private universities.

Bachelor's Programs in Brazil

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American Academy Undergraduate Program

Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná - PUCPR
Campus Full-time 4 years February 2020 Brazil Curitiba USA Kent + 2 more

American Academy is PUCPR’s international undergraduate program in collaboration with Kent State University (Ohio – USA). The innovative initiative brings together the best of north-American higher education to the best university in the State of Paraná, Brazil.

BDes 3rd year / International Class

L’École De Design Nantes Atlantique
Campus Full-time 1 year August 2019 France Nantes Brazil São Paulo China Shanghai India Pune + 6 more

The International Class welcomes French students and international students of various nationalities who wish to join an MDes program through the third (which is the last) year of Bachelor level studies. Its purpose is also to welcome students from our partner schools for an academic exchange semester.

Graduation in Graphic and Digital Design

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Sao Paulo
Campus Full-time 3 years February 2020 Brazil São Paulo

A pioneering course in uniting the graphic and digital areas, enhancing the field of action of the student and building the formation of a more strategic vision in the elaboration of projects for different platforms and their convergences, from Design.


Universidade de Sorocaba (UNISO)
Campus Full-time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Sorocaba

Seeks to meet the needs of a competitive professional market, offering solid theoretical foundation with application to the everyday reality of enterprises for global development administrator.

Civil Engineering

Fundação Técnico-Educacional Souza Marques (FTESM)
Campus Part-time 5 - 5 years March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The course aims to train engineers with a professional profile oriented to meet the challenges that society transfers to the profession; Offer opportunities to those who are inserted in the labor market, performing activities of technical level and that aim to progress towards functions of greater scope, inherent in the professional assignments of the engineer; To make this way feasible for the youngest, not necessarily employed at the time they start the course, but who seek at work the means to achieve professional training in engineering.

Electrical engineering

Universidade Santa Úrsula (USU)
Campus Part-time 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Universidade Santa Ursula aims at training generalist engineers with knowledge in Power Systems.

Production engineering

Universidade de Franca (UNIFRAN)
Campus Part-time 10 - 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil São Paulo Rio de Janeiro + 1 more

Production Engineering is dedicated to the design and management systems involving people, materials, equipment and the environment. You will study subjects related to economics, environment, finance, etc., as well as the basic technological themes of other engineering. His knowledge will be based on the following areas: operations engineering and production processes, logistics, operational research, quality engineering, product engineering, organizational engineering, economic engineering, work engineering, sustainability engineering and production engineering education.


Faculdade de Ciências Gerenciais Padre Arnaldo Janssen (FAJANSSEN)
Campus Full-time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Belo Horizonte

The degree in Management Faculty Arnaldo brings the core values ​​of entrepreneurship, innovation and management focused on the human being.

International relations

Campus Part-time 3600 hours March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The course of Ibmec Institutional Relations works historical knowledge and skills in social sciences and other professional practice areas, with emphasis on the economic and legal. Professional approaches companies and governments of different countries, paving the way for economic cooperation, bilateral and multinational agreements.

Environmental engineering

Universidade de Caxias do Sul
Campus Full-time 5 years March 2020 Brazil Caxias do Sul

Research, planning, design and management issues related to triad man / environment / development. Private enterprise, public, local, state and federal agencies, both in the implementation of projects, plans and preventive actions and / or depleting the environmental impacts from human activities and the activities of supervision. Consulting and advisory services. Studies, develops and uses ...

Accounting Sciences

Universidade do Vale do Sapucaí (UNIVÁS)
Campus Part-time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Pouso Alegre

The course in Accounting Sciences UNIVAS form the Bachelor of Accounting since 2002, highly qualified and requested by the market.

Economic Sciences

Universidade Metodista de São Paulo (UMESP)
Campus Part-time 8 - 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil São Paulo

The Methodist Economics course received concept 4 (scale from 1 to 5) in the last evaluation of the MEC and seeks to train professionals committed to the study of Brazilian reality and aware of the importance of the interrelationships that link economic phenomena to the social and , In particular, of its role as agent of these relations. In this way, the students receive a solid theoretical, historical and instrumental formation. According to the philosophy of the institution, the training seeks to unite the technique to the ethics and to prepare the students to work in the diverse areas of the public or private sector. The course, with evening classes, can be completed in four years.

Computer engineering

Campus Full-time 5 years March 2020 Brazil Salvador

The Computer Engineering is the area responsible for the development and construction of computers, peripherals, hardware and software. In addition, the professional trained in this area can develop projects for several branches that require technology.


Centro Universitário Celso Lisboa (UCL)
Campus Full-time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The course of Directors of Celso Lisboa offers a comprehensive training, allowing the trainee performance in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing, Finance or Operations in services or industry.


Faculdade Ideal (FACI)
Campus Full-time 4 years February 2020 Brazil Belém

The course of Business Administration from DeVry College, provides students the ability to develop their abilities to lead and manage people, resources and processes for everyone to come together for a common goal.