Bachelor's Programs in Chinese Studies in Hong Kong

A bachelor's degree is a hallmark of higher education. It is given to those who dedicate three to seven years studying a specific program. A bachelor's degree can be earned in a variety of disciplines in the arts and sciences.

Chinese studies is an area of academics that combines politics, literature, and anthropology. Topics covered in this kind of course or program include the culture and history of China and contemporary international relations. Students often learn how to read and translate the Chinese language.

Hong Kong, found on the south coast of China, the country is one of the two Special Administrative Regions in the Republic of China. Hong Kong's higher education is placed in the England’s structure as well as international systems. It is managed by the country's Education Bureau.

Bachelor in Chinese Studies in Hong Kong

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中國語文教育榮譽學士 (五年全日制)

Hong Kong
01 Sep 2020
5 years
15 May 2019

學生完成本課程後能夠:具備高水平的中文能力:一文兩語;對中國語言、文學、文化有深厚認識;在香港中學及小學任教中國語文科;運用相關的資訊科技知識及技巧教授中國語文科;具備終身學習的能力,欣賞不同價值觀、社會及文化價值;與家長、同事、學校行政人員及其他專業人士通力合作;及瞭解當前香港教育課題,積極回應各項教育改革。 ...

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