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Students who are looking for a flexible degree may want to consider an English studies program. Graduates often pursue careers in many different fields or choose further study in areas such as law or business. Courses can include grammar, creative writing and literature.

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Metropolitan University Prague

Three-year undergraduate programme ... [+]

The Bachelor’s Degree study programme of Anglophone Studies is an interdisciplinary curriculum, the graduates of which will become specialists in their field of studies. Drawing upon their knowledge of the historical, political, social, economic, and cultural context of these countries, graduates of this study programme will be able to analyze phenomena related to their area of specialisation, draw conclusions, distinguish problems, and find solutions. The language of instruction is English.

Anglophone Studies graduates are qualified to work in public administration; namely, the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs as well as in EU institutions. The acquired field of expertise enables graduates to work for the media, for governmental institutions, private companies and for diplomatic missions in both the Czech Republic and abroad. They can also pursue their professional career in non-profit organizations and charities.... [-]

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