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Located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, the country of Estonia has become an economically developed country that highly values technology, education, well-paying jobs and civil liberties. In fact, the country calls itself an e-society because of its embrace of the digital world, exemplified by innovations such as the development of the software for Skype by four of the country’s engineers. If you are looking to study undergraduate studies in Estonia, you will find yourself in a technology-driven society surrounded by amazing landscapes filled with inventive citizens and students. What Can Undergrads Study? Undergraduate students looking for a one-of-a-kind education will find the ground-breaking and assorted degrees offered by Estonian universities to be thrilling and applicable. The universities of this country offer over 100 degree programs, with classes taught in English, Estonian and Russian. Different universities offer a variety of degrees including music, theatre, technology, business and life sciences. How Long Is the Academic Year? Many of the Estonian universities start their fall term in late August or early September. Make sure to apply and register before the fall, however, as most institutions will not allow you to start your studies in the spring term. Hence, higher education schools have only two terms, with the fall semester ending in January and the spring semester ending in late June. Some colleges have summer programs, so check with the institution you want to attend before planning for summer classes. What Is the Cost of Attending School in Estonia? Students looking to study undergraduate studies in Estonia will find many options for funding their schooling. Due to the government’s support of higher education, even international students can apply for scholarships and financial aid through their school of choice. Additionally, non-European Union students can work without a work permit while going to school. As long as the job does not interfere with their classes and they complete their full course load with passing grades, students can make money while earning their degrees. How Long Does It Take to Earn an Undergrad Degree? Most students can earn their undergraduate degrees in just three years, assuming they take the recommended amount of credits each term. However, many students choose to continue for another two years as they earn their Master’s Degree. Why Study in Estonia? Estonia is quickly becoming an attractive, highly developed, welcoming and forward-moving country. With a government and society that greatly respects universities, students are well taken care of and valued. International students will have opportunities to learn new languages, experience a burgeoning culture and just maybe find their post-college job in this incredibly innovative country.

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