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BA Programs in Administration Studies Administration

A BA, or Bachelor of Arts, is a four-year undergraduate program that combines a career focus with a broad selection of liberal arts courses. This curriculum engages students with wider subjects and perspectives to prepare them for engaging with the world.

Students leaving secondary education may ask, “What is a BA in Administration?” This degree is well suited for students preparing for a career in the business or public sectors. Within the curriculum, courses focus on leadership and cooperation in businesses and organizations, as well as coordinating affairs outside of the office, whether with clients, other businesses or the public at large. Programs can often allow students to focus on public administration, nonprofits or government as well.

By completing a BA in Administration, students develop competency in effective communication, leadership and ethics. These programs are designed to encourage an understanding of political, social and economic contexts that shape administration, preparing students to face complex real-world issues.

The costs of taking a BA in Administration primarily stem from tuition costs based on the program length—typically four years’ worth of courses. These costs, and other possible fees, vary between schools, so students should request such information before applying.

Students who earn a BA in Administration are on their way to careers in many potential industries. Many graduates entering the public or private sector can take on roles in sales like advertising managers and marketing analysts; for internal management, database administrators and project managers are some common positions. The latter also exist in government and nonprofit organizations for those less business-inclined. Some students, alternatively, go on to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

Given how ubiquitous the field is across most industries, many schools host programs for obtaining a BA in Administration. These can include both campus-based and online programs. For more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.