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BA Programs in Economic Studies MScs International Finance

Many individuals are finding the value in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. Those with an interest in the liberal arts or social sciences can greatly benefit from the in-depth study and advanced knowledge gained through completion of a selected degree program.

Some may ask, “What is a BA in International Finance?” It is a program that prepares individuals to apply financial strategies on an international level. Students learn key financial and economic principles, both from a theoretical and hands-on standpoint. They study different economies and financial systems, and learn how to create and properly execute financial plans. After graduating from this program, individuals are prepared to operate in a number of financial capacities, both domestically and internationally.

This degree is quite diversified, so students learn virtually all aspects of the financial field. This makes them versatile and well-rounded workers, which can be quite appealing to current and future employers. Also, with the necessity of the financial function in all businesses, graduates can expect stability in their career path.

Different factors contribute to the cost of obtaining this degree. The geographical location of the school, its specific accreditations and whether you study on campus or at home are all aspects that must be factored into the cost. This causes variations in price for each case.

International finance opens the door to a number of career possibilities. Many graduates choose to seek positions in international finance, usually focusing in one area such as analytics, management or statistics. Some individuals may also pursue financial management positions within different companies, domestically or abroad, and within both the private and public sectors. Creating a financial firm or offering consulting services could be an option for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Teaching is also a possible choice for those with a knack for education.

If you enjoy international studies and have an interest in financial applications, a BA in International Finance could be the perfect choice for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.