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28 Bachelor Programs in Bulgaria for 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Bulgaria

Bachelors degrees in Bulgaria are awarded after the completion of approximately three years of required coursework towards a professional specialization. Professors are dedicated to coaching students through various successful learning modes toward a high level of knowledge and skills proficiency in their target area. Bachelor degrees from accredited universities in Sofia, Plovdiv or Blagoevgrad will be recognized in other cities around the world, like Paris, New York or Rome. Bulgarian universities are highly aware of the rapidly globalizing nature of our world and encourage students to develop a high level of intercultural awareness and international diplomacy.

Bachelor students in Bulgaria can study a range of subjects, such as Business Information Systems or Hospitality Management, and find rewarding professional careers in Bulgaria or elsewhere using the know-how they gained at school. Within each major area of study, there are frequently other areas of concentration that students can choose to increase their depth of knowledge in a certain skill set.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can enrol in a Bachelor program in one of the recommended schools in Bulgaria, simply click below to read more. You can request information about a specific Bachelor program to be sent directly to you from the school by filling out a short web-form.