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173 Bachelor Programs in Cultural Studies 2024



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    Bachelor Programs in Cultural Studies

    As our world becomes more globalized, the need for cross-cultural awareness, interaction, and transaction grows. A Bachelor of Cultural Studies can provide unique skills and knowledge that can lead to exciting career opportunities. Common careers include not-for-profit organizations, arts administration, and academia. However, a growing trend is in training for international development and relief organizations. These companies are hiring Bachelor of Cultural Studies professionals as consultants to train their employees on cultural awareness. It is a rapidly growing area with great career options.

    Bachelor of Cultural Studies programs are interdisciplinary, covering a broad range of areas including anthropology, economics, history, media, political science, sociology and psychology. Its main core courses generally include education and knowledge acquisition, racial and ethnic issues, gender and popular culture, culture and media, and culture and globalization. Bachelor of Cultural Studies programs deal with the daily practices of people and the trends among race, ethnicity, gender and religion.

    A Bachelor of Cultural Studies degree can open doors to many career opportunities. If this interests you, then take a look through the program options below!