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    Bachelor Programs in Design Studies Design

    Bachelor degrees, like other degrees, can specialize by type and discipline. The most common types are the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.

    What is a Bachelor in Design Studies? Encompassing several fields such as fashion design, visual design, and product design, design studies is an interdisciplinary applied-arts type of program that offers students many potential specialization avenues. Within their chosen area of focus, students typically devote half or more of their course load to learning techniques, gaining the practical skills and experiences needed to enter one of the many industry-specific design disciplines. Theoretical courses such as the history and analysis of design may make up another part of a student’s academic focus, with the remainder typically devoted to project-based work.

    Design studies require students to develop a multitude of skills that can make their resumes stand out against the competition. Typical skillsets include superior detail-oriented thinking, the ability to analyze and address design weaknesses, and industry-relevant software skills.

    Costs and curriculum will vary between different universities and may be affected by a variety of factors, such as university location and total credit hours. Prospective students are encouraged to contact universities for financial information prior to application.

    Common professional positions for degree-holders include graphic designers, industrial designers, product designers, fashion designers, and more. Students specializing in a single field can find work directly within their industries while those with more generalized backgrounds can enter positions as art educators, art coordinators, and managerial-level marketing specialists. Design firms, software companies, and online retailers are a common career destination for students with heavier technical skills, while museums, educational institutions, and studios tend to be favored by more artistically oriented graduates.

    Equipped with a solid internet connection and work ethic to match, many students can complete their Bachelor in Design Studies online and at their own pace. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.