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Bachelor Programs in Economic Studies

The study of Economics examines the production, allocation, and consumption of resources, how markets function, and consumer behavior. With the global market becoming more interconnected, the demand for economics professionals continues to grow.

A Bachelor in Economic Studies will examine economics on macro and micro scales, so whether students are interested in consumption behavior of households, or the global market, students will gain a fundamental understanding of economics. Bachelor of Economics degrees focus on topics of study such as international trade and finance, economics and public policy, natural resources and the environment, and research. Graduates of Bachelor of Economics programs can go on to entry level positions in educational institutions, financial institutions, international organizations, private sector corporations, or government, to name a few options.

A Bachelor in the field of Economics may be the degree waiting for you. There are many Bachelor of Economics Studies options to choose from to fit your needs so take a look below and find the right one for you!