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56 Bachelor Programs in Engineering Management 2024



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    Bachelor Programs in Engineering Management

    A bachelor’s degree in engineering management may be for the student who wishes to pursue an undergraduate program that combines knowledge of the technical side of engineering with analysis of its social applications and ramifications.

    When researching post-secondary degree programs, a student may ask, what is a Bachelor in Engineering Management? This course of study offers a wide base of classes geared toward fusing experiential knowledge of engineering with business management skills. A typical curriculum may include math and science courses such as calculus, physics and chemistry. There may be a focus as well on accounting, business finance, cost controls, team building and critical systems analysis. An undergraduate course may prepare graduates for civil, mechanical and electrical engineering leadership positions.

    A primary benefit to this kind of degree program may be its range and flexibility for future career application. Blending a practical hands-on education in engineering with a deep understanding of management techniques and analysis may lend broad appeal to this kind of program across industries.

    The fees associated with admissions and tuition may be different depending upon the program. The best way to find out about costs is to contact the institution directly.

    The graduate with a bachelor’s in engineering management may be poised to begin a career path in project management, as a quality assurance manager, manufacturing engineering manager, systems engineering manager or value engineering manager. There are many opportunities as well in professional licensing and certification training. A degree in engineering management may be ideal for a position in project analysis, operations or quality control. A critical thinking and communications background may be useful for a career in sales, marketing or in human resources.

    A degree in engineering management may open paths to a variety of stimulating careers. It has international relevance for students who desire to bridge hard science and communication skills in service to creating and maintaining production techniques with positive impact. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.