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Bachelor Programs in Engineering Studies

Engineering is the discipline that applies mathematics, science, and economics to the design and building of innovative machines, materials, and processes created to improve the lives of people. There are several types of engineering, including mechanical, aerospace, electrical, chemical, civil and nuclear, to name a few.

A Bachelor of Engineering Studies degree prepares students for professional careers in engineering, which is currently at high demand. Students earning a Bachelor of Engineering degree focus on coursework that is specialized to the sector that the student is interested in, such as science of materials, biotechnology, biochemical engineering, physics, numerical methods in computation, chemistry, thermodynamics, and sustainable design, among the many options. A Bachelor of Engineering can serve as a solid starting point for a successful career in engineering.

If you are mathematically and scientifically inclined, then a Bachelor in an engineering studies field may be the education you are looking for. Take a look through the options below and find the Bachelor of Engineering program for you!