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80 Bachelor Programs in English Studies 2024



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    Bachelor Programs in English Studies

    Students obtain a bachelor’s degree after completing a post-secondary program at a college or university. The degree lays the groundwork for students seeking an advanced degree or looking for employment after graduation.

    What is a Bachelor in English Studies? The program focuses on the study of English literature, culture and language. Classroom instruction typically centers on reading and analyzing texts written in English. There may be a strong emphasis on studying literature from countries such as America, South Africa, Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. Students may study and compare present-day and historical literary texts. The program may offer classes in language, literary studies, linguistics and cultural studies. Additionally, participants may also take courses in rhetoric, composition and writing. Some colleges allow participants to study abroad. Students immerse themselves in the culture of English-speaking countries.

    Students pursuing a Bachelor in English Studies acquire a strong skill set in the areas of creativity, analysis and communication. These combined skills can help them find gainful employment and enrich their personal lives.

    The cost of obtaining a Bachelor in English Studies varies from college to college. Researching the schools if interest can be of great benefit. Students should choose one that suits their academic and career goals.

    Professional careers are typically plentiful for graduates with a Bachelor in English Studies. They may find work in traditional fields such as teaching in private or public educational institutions. Additionally, there are employment opportunities in the areas of writing, journalism and publishing. There are diverse career paths that are non-traditional. For instance, there are graduates who establish careers in marketing, public relations, advertising and acting. A bachelor’s degree in English studies opens doors to a wide range of occupations.

    You can obtain a Bachelor in English Studies from anywhere in the world by enrolling in online classes. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.