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108 Bachelor Programs in Food and Beverage Studies 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Food and Beverage Studies

A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate academic program that requires years of dedication, intensive coursework, and personal development to earn. Earning a Bachelor can be done in about two to four years of full-time schooling, yet the benefits of earning an undergraduate degree can last a lifetime.

What is a Bachelor in Food and Beverage Studies? This educational program provides students with the knowledge and training they need for a career in food and hospitality services. Through rigorous classes, students learn how to manage the daily operations of a food service establishment, how to design menus and institute fair pricing, and how to communicate with and coordinate employees. Depending on the school, an internship may be required in order for students to earn their degree.

By graduating with a bachelor’s degree in food and beverage studies, students could show possible employers that they have the dedication and knowledge needed to excel in the workplace. Students may also be able to make important business and personal connections that may help lead to a career in the future.

The cost to receive a Bachelor in Food and Beverage Studies depends on a variety of factors. Students are advised to research potential schools to ensure that the academic program aligns with their educational goals.

Earning a Bachelor in Food and Beverage Studies may help graduates to find employment in restaurants, bakeries, hospital cafeterias, schools, executive restaurants, government agencies, catering kitchens, hotels, bars, and other food service settings. In these various settings, possible occupations for graduates includes restaurant managers, catering supervisors, inventory specialists, food service production specialists, or food safety and sanitation workers.

With online and part-time classes available at many schools, having a busy life shouldn’t deter you from getting an education. To get started on your Bachelor in Food and Beverage Studies, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.