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62 Bachelor Programs in General Education 2024



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    Bachelor Programs in General Education

    Bachelor’s degree programs offer students flexibility. These programs typically take three or four years to complete, allowing students to choose a specific discipline on which to concentrate their studies. Study often combines both classwork and experiential learning.

    What is a Bachelor in General Education? Students who want to receive a broad, expansive education often choose to pursue an undergraduate degree in general education. In most programs, students take courses in math, science, liberal arts, composition, and other core subjects. They also usually pick a focus area, choosing more classes from an individual discipline than from others. Because scholars receive a general education degree, they are often better able to design their educational program than those who pursue a degree in a specific field. Finally, these programs often combine theoretical learning with real-world challenges, helping students hone their problem-solving skills.

    With a general education degree, students pick up a variety of proficiencies that directly help them succeed in their personal and professional lives. Graduates usually learn how to think critically and read actively. They also develop collaborative skills, helping them work better in teams.

    Since earning a Bachelor in General Education takes approximately four years, students should expect to pay a significant amount for their education. Of course, the college a student attends controls much of the cost of obtaining a degree. As such, students should research prospective programs to understand how to budget effectively.

    Those who receive a Bachelor in General Education usually have many career paths from which to choose. Often, scholars decide to pursue a graduate degree in a specific field. Other times, program participants work in the business sector, applying their skills to meeting customer demands. Since those with a general education degree commonly have a variety of skills, they usually command a competitive salary in the workplace. Similarly, since students can usually pick the courses that make up their general education curriculum, they can choose ones geared toward careers they would like to pursue.

    General education classes can be part of a part-time or full-time course load in either a traditional or online classroom. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.