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55 Bachelor Programs in Geology 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Geology

Bachelor of Geology is a program that focuses on the study of the solid earth and it’s processes of evolution. Those holding a Bachelor of Geology can often work in a range of industries including museums, academia, non-for-profit, environmental agencies, consulting firms, and governments.  A growing trend is also being noted in the oil industry to determine the effects of drilling. A Bachelor of Geology has good growth potential and many opportunities for career advancement.

Bachelor of Geology programs usually take four years of full-time study and cover a wide range of geology rated topics including historical geology, geomorphology, sedimentology, mineralogy and many more. Specializations are also available and may cover such areas as volcanology, glaciology, geostatistics, ocean currents, and global warming. Internships and practical experiences can be incorporated into curriculum and laboratory experience is another vital component.

If you are interested in a Bachelor of Geology, then scroll through the program options below to learn more about the study opportunities. You may find the program you have been searching for!