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16 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences International Relations International Affairs 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences International Relations International Affairs

Countries interact with each other politically, economically, and socially. Their relationships are immensely complex, steeped in a dense history of conflict and negotiation. A Bachelor in International Affairs will help you understand these relationships and provide you with a variety of transferable skills.

What is a Bachelor in International Affairs? In addition to studying how countries interact, you may also take courses in history, geography, economics, language, and political science. As international relations is such a broad subject, students are usually required to select a concentration such as comparative cultures or political economies. Students are often expected to study abroad or obtain internships in government centers.

There are few careers that actually require a degree in international relations, but this does not mean employers will undervalue your educational background. On the contrary, the skills you acquire from the program prepare your for a wide range of professions. Finding a lucrative job position is far less difficult when you acquire a degree.

Most programs take four years to complete, though you have opportunities to graduate early. The cost of your education can be high or low, depending on where you choose to enroll. Before applying to a program, you should research tuition and fees to verify that you can afford to attend.

If you want to put your knowledge of foreign policy to use, you can pursue a career as a foreign service specialist, human rights advocate, or diplomat. As you acquired many transferrable skills, there are a number of other professional opportunities available as well. Many students work in finance, marketing, and education. There are many employers who may find your research and analytical skills to be valuable.

International affairs programs are offered by international universities all throughout the world. There are also online options available. If you are ready to educate yourself on political and social complexities, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.