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15 Bachelor Programs in International Law 2024



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Bachelor Programs in International Law

A Bachelor in International Law prepares students to pursue international legal careers serving as a legal liaison between countries. There are many Bachelor in International Law programs located at top-notch academic institutions around the globe. Graduates from Bachelor in International Law programs are employed in different legal vocations such as document drafter, legal researcher, court clerk, international/comparative law clerk, international/comparative law legal assistant, and others.

Programs commonly include extensive study on human rights and nearly always offer learning opportunities through internships or study abroad. Programs also bring in guest speakers who are usually notable international lawyers to give lectures and general guidance. Bachelor in International Law students also have the option of choosing an area of specialization such as human rights, politics, or international law. Coursework in these programs can vary widely based on a student's chosen specialty and time spent abroad, however, some courses are generally common to all programs, such as human rights, ethics, global economics, international relations and foreign law courses.

To learn more about a Bachelor in International Law, take a look through the programs below. You may find the next step towards your academic and professional goals!