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141 Bachelor Programs in Journalism 2024



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    Bachelor Programs in Journalism

    Journalism is the professional discipline that involves investigating and reporting events to the public or targeted audience through different forms of media. A Bachelor of Journalism integrates writing and media with ethics and law.

    A Bachelor of Journalism allows specialization in areas such as multimedia, broadcast journalism, photojournalism, and print, which can include magazine, newspaper and editing.  Coursework for a Bachelor of Journalism will include focus on such topics as history of journalism, media theory, social impact, visual communications, web design, broadcast news, and investigative journalism, to name a few. Graduates with a Bachelor of Journalism will be prepared for entry-level positions in media, advertising, writing, editing, or photography.

    If journalism is your passion, then a Bachelor of Journalism may be the degree waiting for you. Take a look through the options below and find the education that is the perfect fit for you!