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Bachelor Programs in Management Studies Management

A bachelor’s degree is typically earned through study at a college or university and provides the proper foundation for the building of a career in a specific field. It involves both general core learning and more specialized studies. Programs take anywhere from three to seven years to complete.

What is a Bachelor’s in Management? Simply put, it’s a degree program that teaches students to manage a business or organization of their own in a way that’s efficient, effective and responsible. Students will likely study a number of different subjects in the pursuit of this degree, such as business communication, customer behavior and corporate governance. Those looking to manage a company that extends across different countries may also be likely to study international law, international finance and international logistics.

Scholars who opt for this degree path are likely to learn how to prioritize more effectively, making workloads more manageable. Furthermore, they’ll learn how to properly enact team-building policies among employees and facilitate better communication in professional settings.

The cost of obtaining a Bachelor’s in Management depends entirely on what country and institution a student decides to attend courses in. As is the case with most bachelor’s degrees, this degree will take an average of three to six years to obtain.

Management skills are highly prized in the global market, and as such, holders of this degree may have access to a wide variety of occupations after finishing their courses. Sales representative, marketing manager, sales manager, management analyst, general and operations manager, financial analyst and financial manager are a few of the most common occupations degree-holders in this field may qualify for. Human resources officer, construction manager, marketing executive and systems analyst may also be viable career options.

International and local education options are available for students worldwide, and online courses may be available for those who live in isolated areas or have busy schedules. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.