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97 Bachelor Programs in South Korea for 2024



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  • BSc
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  • Administration Studies (2)
  • Architecture Studies (0)
  • Art Studies (5)
  • Aviation (4)
  • Business Studies (8)
  • Construction (0)Cosmetology Studies (0)Design Studies (0)
  • Economic Studies (12)
  • Education (8)
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Bachelor Programs in South Korea

Bachelor degree programs develop key practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary for work in a specific field, or continued education. Typically lasting three to four years, Bachelor degrees are offered by hundreds of accredited public and private universities and academic institutions in South Korea. Offered in major cities like Daejeon and Seoul, Bachelor programs in every major academic discipline are available in South Korea.

One key focus area leading up to Bachelor study in South Korea is the College Scholastic Ability Test, which is divided into five sections: Korean Language, Math, English, elective subjects in Social or Natural Sciences, and Foreign Languages. High scores on college entrance tests are required for admission to Bachelor's programs in South Korea, and the test requires intensive study, inspiring some families to begin students' preparation as early as kindergarten. South Korea also offers the unique opportunity to complete a Bachelor's Degree Examination in the fields of Korean Language, English Language, Business Administration, Public Administration, Law, Computer Science, Home Economics, Education and Nursing. Such examinations may be valuable for individuals wishing to continue their education on the Master's or PhD level.

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