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Bachelor Programs in Online Degrees Theology

The Bachelor of Theology degree is awarded after the completion of study of theological disciplines, usually taking between 3 and 5 years.

Through academic study, the Bachelor of Theology provides students with culturally relevant ministry, ministerial training, and spiritual and professional formation. Through analogies of statements of truth, theologies, and doctrines, students will develop the ability to use interpretation to evaluate elements of theological thought. Students will develop analytical, writing, leadership, and communication skills as part of the Bachelor of Theology program. Coursework for Bachelor of Theology will likely include such topics as systematic theology, biblical theology, Greek or Hebrew, and homiletics. Graduates with a Bachelor of Theology are prepared to be educators at religious institutions.

If you want to further your understanding of religion and its interpretation of the universe, then a Bachelor of Theology may be waiting for you. Take a look through the options below!