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Anglo-American University B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies: Journalism
Anglo-American University

B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies: Journalism

Prague, Czech Republic

3 Years


Full time

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EUR 10,500 / per year **


* rolling admissions; if you need a visa, we recommend applying at least 10 weeks prior to the start date of the semester in which you want to start your studies

** for Non-EU | for EU 9000 EUR per year


The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies is a 3-year, internationally accredited program offering a modern and interdisciplinary education combining standard Journalism school courses with courses in media studies, film studies, and marketing/public relations. You will earn a globally recognized American and European B.A. degree.

The Journalism concentration in AAU’s Journalism and Media Studies program provides students with a wealth of practical skills and training for a diverse set of careers in the contemporary journalistic and media environment. In addition to reinforcing the broader program skills of writing, public speaking, and digital image creation, the Journalism concentration focuses on building interpersonal and intercultural communicative skills, which pay special attention to the use of human sources in the production of journalistic content, and narrative skills.

This concentration covers the general journalistic discipline. Journalism concentration focuses on developing: journalistic writing skills; photo and video reporting; radio; and broadcasting. Students learn to report news as well as to work in specific genres such as travel writing, documentary photography, cultural journalism, etc.

Prague was at the crossroads of a divided Europe during the Cold War, and now instead the city has become an open and welcoming cosmopolitan capital in New Europe for all nationalities with several domestic (in English-language or Czech) and international media organizations based here. AAU’s student body includes students from many countries across Europe and Eurasia, the Americas, the Middle East, etc. with an equally diverse faculty with various areas of substantial expertise.

Beyond the classroom, students can create and host internet radio programs on Soundbricks, contribute to or produce the bi-annual student magazine Lennon Wall, or join any number of student clubs concerned with environmental or other social issues. The Career Center also regularly invites media professionals to meet our students helping to ensure numerous internship opportunities in the Czech Republic or abroad.

By taking advantage of these opportunities students can finish the degree in Journalism & Media Studies having gained a solid background combining academic rigor and practical experience, and an appropriate internship in a desired field for the future.

The Bachelor’s degree awarded is concurrently recognized as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in the United States, per AAU’s accreditation by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, and as a Bakalář (Bc.) in the Czech Republic, per AAU’s accreditation by the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education (NABHE). Graduates may select whether to use the U.S. post-nominal or the Czech pre-nominal title.



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