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Casa Blanca University Bachelor in IMAGE DESIGN
Casa Blanca University

Bachelor in IMAGE DESIGN

Culiacán, Mexico

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Jul 2023

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Casa Blanca University, always at the forefront, is the first institution to offer Image Design studies at the undergraduate level. It is a career aimed at people with creative vision and a great sense of strategic planning.

The image of success in your hands.

This degree will provide you with the elements to strategically design aspects such as oral and written expression, body language, clothing, advertising campaigns, setting, etc. All this with the aim that people, organizations, and institutions project a comprehensive and coherent image that allows them to achieve their goals.

Laboral life. In a globalized world, it is essential for people to present the ideal image that captivates their customers. In addition, to successfully manage their public relations, they require skilled creative professionals.

The field of action to develop yourself is very broad: governors, executives of commercial and investment banking, executives of commercial and service companies, media, artistic companies, producers of visual and performing arts, among others.

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