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Chowan University Bachelor of Science in African-American History and Culture
Chowan University

Bachelor of Science in African-American History and Culture

Murfreesboro, USA

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Sep 2023

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Bachelor of Science in African-American History and Culture

This Degree examines the various factors and complexities of not only the African-American experience but its context in world history. Students will investigate the African-American experience in North America from the Colonial Period to the present. The origins of black community life and black resistance under slavery through the African-American experience during the “Jim Crow” era and evolution of black leadership, through the struggle of the Civil Rights up to the present day.

There is also coursework that offers an even more detailed look into these eras.

Students will also examine various other national and cultural histories to gain perspective of minority groups and other people too often ignored in traditional surveys. Topics ranging from interactions to historical impact will be discussed giving students a broader understanding of the nation’s development.

There is additional coursework that explores African-American art with a focus on Literature.

Lastly, students will review the history of Africa, from the beginning of humankind to the present, with emphasis on the period from 1400 to the present. Recognition of the early African empires and pre-colonial society will be highlighted as well as the slave trade, colonization, resistance, nationalism, and independence.

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