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College of Coastal Georgia Bachelor of Arts in American Studies
College of Coastal Georgia

Bachelor of Arts in American Studies

Brunswick, USA

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Bachelor of Arts in American Studies


The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in American Studies prepares students for careers where strong analytical and communication skills are valued alongside creativity and global awareness. American Studies majors critically examine American life in a curriculum that emphasizes innovative service-learning, historical knowledge, and contemporary theoretical approaches to engage actively with the community and region. As the world grows increasingly interdependent, American Studies programs foster a deep historical, cultural and sociological understanding of the position of the United States in a global culture and economy.

American Studies graduates thrive in fields such as Journalism, Mass Communication, Marketing, Education, Technical Writing, Conservation Management, and Environmental Management. The American Studies program also prepares students for graduate programs, including those in the arts, humanities, social sciences, law, business, public policy, and education.

Environmental and Regional Studies Concentrations:

The Environmental and Regional Studies Track examines the interactions between humans and the natural world with an emphasis on the southeastern coastal area of the United States. Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines these relationships from a variety of vantage points. Historical perspectives, social science and public policy approaches, and scientific analyses are all utilized to understand these complex human-nature relationships.

Cultural Studies and Communication Track:

The Cultural Studies and Communication Concentration in the American Studies program will provide students with the skills and competencies to succeed in a variety of fields where strong communication and interpretive skills are required. Drawing on the humanities and the social sciences, CSC majors will learn to analyze, interpret, and create texts and other forms of communication that allow organizations to thrive in a global marketplace.

History and Political Science:

The History and Political Science Track examines historical perspectives (both national and regional), along with political and public policy approaches, to shape a nuanced understanding of America, and its identity in a domestic and global context.

Cost & Fees

The tuition rate for the 2016-2017 academic year for in-state students is $102.13 per credit hour. The non-resident tuition rate is $377.40 per credit hour.

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