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DOBA Business School


We are a fully accredited modern European business school dedicated to individuals who are interested in improving their knowledge and competitiveness through online and face-to-face learning. Our high-quality study programmes, available in four different languages, follow the standards and requirements of the current European and global business environment.

Development of 21st-century competencies through innovative programmes and approaches holding the UNIQUe international accreditation for ICT-use in higher education

DOBA Business School key advantages

  • a developed and established online learning model, internationally accredited by the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning
  • contemporary programmes aimed at the acquisition of topical and practical knowledge,
  • modern IT-supported higher education, provided by teachers with extensive professional experience,
  • a student-centred approach,
  • scientific research, international co-operation and other development activities,
  • presence within south-eastern European markets,
  • clear globalization strategy with entering new foreign markets of Africa and India,
  • socially responsible and ethical education and research activities.

DOBA offers study programmes to part-time students who are employed in general, and they can enrol in regular programmes and on distance/e-learning programmes.Students can study in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian or English.

DOBA Business School is a part of the DOBA Business Group that was established in 1990. The DOBA Business Group is the largest private educational institution in Slovenia. From the very beginning, DOBA has been developing and promoting lifelong learning. Over 100 different formal and non-formal education and training programmes for different target and age groups answer the increased need for education in Europe.

Our programmes continue to raise the standard of education for individuals and strengthen the fact that knowledge is a valuable asset. Instead of just preparing you for one of today’s conventional professions, we prepare you for several professions and jobs of tomorrow.


Our Vision

A School that Goes Beyond.

To become one of the leading schools for online learning in Europe and a globally recognised school in this field – recognised for its pedagogical innovations, openness, social responsibility, belief in sustainable excellence and for its enterprising and socially responsible students, who are ready to solve current economic problems and tackle social issues.

Our Mission

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities with new Programmes and Approaches.

DOBA Business School is a private business school and an established higher education institution for online learning in the region and a centre of knowledge. DOBA Business School implements undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and research from the field of applied social studies. Our endeavours are directed towards reducing gaps in knowledge and expanding opportunities for a successful career in Slovenia and in the region. Our actions are aimed at providing the narrower and broader social community with contemporary educated and practically trained graduates who are driven by ethical and socially responsible actions.

Our Values

Social Responsibility
We help shape freethinking, critical, enterprising and creative individuals, whose actions contribute to the progress of the society.

Respecting Ethical Values
We are bound to high ethical principles that are at the core of our study programmes and study modes. Education and our own actions facilitate respect, acceptance of diversity, tolerance and respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Quality of Education
Continuous monitoring of the implementation of the study process, the qualifications of the implementers, the provision of conditions for the implementation of programmes, internal organisation, international comparability of study achievements, active cooperation with the community and continuous implementation of improvements by including the students.

Research and Development Activities and Innovations
Being an equal member of the academic community also in scientific and research work by providing new and innovative solutions that generate progress in the environment.

Adapt and Be a Factor of Social Change
Our actions in research, education and counselling, the establishing of connections, our ethical conduct and promotion of lifelong education contribute to the sustainable development of social responsibility in Slovenia and beyond. This is done in cooperation with national and international experts, institutions, organisations and companies.

Respecting Individuality and Promoting Teamwork
We respect the expectations and needs of individuals, yet at the same time promote cooperation.

We believe in intellectual freedom and are a financially, institutionally and academically independent and market-oriented institution.


  • Maribor

    Prešernova ulica 1,, , Maribor

    • Belgrade

      Sava Centar, Milentija Popovića 9,, 11000, Belgrade