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Instituto Politécnico de Viseu – Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Lamego (ESTGL)

Instituto Politécnico de Viseu – Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Lamego (ESTGL)

Instituto Politécnico de Viseu – Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Lamego (ESTGL)


Created by Decree-Law 264/99 of 14 July, the School of Technology and Management Lamego came into operation in the academic year 2000/2001, with management courses and Information and Tourism Management, Cultural and Heritage. In 2002-03 became operational the course of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, in 2004- 2005, the Accounting and Auditing courses and Human Services, in 2005-2006 the Tourist Information courses and Administration Secretariat, in 2007/2008 the course Social Work Post-employment and in 2008/2009 the Accounting Course and Post-audit work.

The school is an organic unit of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu endowed with administrative autonomy, Scientific and Pedagogical. Dedicated to the initial training in scientific fields that most directly can intervene in the activity of the economic and productive sectors of their area, the training offers in the area of ​​Tourism, Management, Accounting, Administration, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Social Services, have- proved interesting bets, not only for daytime courses but, increasingly, for courses that run after work and evening classes. The availability of training in post-working hours have helped to capture new audiences, which is an asset in the qualification and requalification of assets. Also in this aspect the postgraduate offer has made another training area with increasing demand, especially for all those who seek to improve their skills in the face of every major demands of the labor market.

The ESTGL's mission: a) global develop and balanced, the student, intellectual skills, cultural, research and constantly updated throughout life, aiming at a high-level qualifications, with a view to synergies between the needs and offers from training, for the proper integration of students into the labor market at a national and international framework; b) Implement, within the institution, an Innovation Model and Excelênc education, training, research and intervention in the community, highlighting the activities of its teachers, researchers and other workers, stimulating permanent intellectual and professional training of its students in Logic conditions for all duly qualified citizens to have access to higher education, integrating a training perspective lifelong adjusted to the new challenges; c) To promote the mobility of students and graduates both nationally, and internationally, primarily to countries in the European area and Portuguese-speaking countries, under the policy defined by the BTI; d) To participate in liaison activities to socie knowledge transfer, as well as contribute to the economic enhancement of scientific knowledge; e) To contribute to the public understanding of knowledge, science and technology promoting and organizing ac providing the resources and means necessary for these purposes.


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