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Culture. Diversity. Power. These three words define America and its enormous global influence. But how did we get here? What makes America so, well, American? The American studies major at Fordham is the interdisciplinary study of the cultures, ideas, and institutions that make up the nation.

American Studies is as diverse as the country we inhabit. You’ll study with faculty and students from departments all over Fordham, including African and African American studies, American Catholic studies, art history and music, English, history, Latin American and Latino studies, philosophy, political science, urban studies and sociology.

What draws these majors together? The desire to follow one thread in the American tapestry, and find where it weaves with another thread—and another, and another—until we see an expansive image in all its complexity.

You will need excellent grades, sharp writing skills, and a faculty reference to get into our small, competitive department. No lie: The party of the year is the Senior Thesis Presentation. It’s a heady mix of ideas, community, and fun for students and faculty.

Of course, you’ll learn more than American studies here. You’ll also study philosophy, theology, economics, mathematics, languages, science, and the performing arts through Fordham’s common core curriculum, the centerpiece of our liberal arts education.

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