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Lakeland University B.A. in Mathematics
Lakeland University

B.A. in Mathematics

Plymouth, USA

4 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

USD 31,900 / per year



Math, With a Personal Touch

Given its black-and-white, highly objective nature, Mathematics can seem like a relatively impersonal academic discipline. At Lakeland, however, you will discover that Mathematics, like any other subject, is taught here with a personal touch!

Encouraging Faculty

Here To Help You Excel

Lakeland University professors really get to know you personally. We'll be able to monitor you as you work your way through the program, encourage you to participate in extra activities if we think you're not living up to your potential, give you extra help if we see that you're struggling in a particular class, and even write a personal letter of recommendation when you're ready to apply for jobs!

A Full Range of Classes

The Formula For Success

From pre-calculus to differential equations, and linear algebra to topology and complex variables, Lakeland offers a full range of Mathematics classes that will fit into the career path you choose. Mathematics can be a standalone major, but it also fits nicely as a major or minor with other majors such as Chemistry, Computer Science, and Education.

Lakeland University graduates with degrees in Mathematics pursue a wide variety of professions. The Mathematics education program yields high school mathematics teacher certification. Graduate school is an option, as is becoming an actuary. Applied Mathematics, which involves data collection and analysis in the corporate world, is another common direction mathematics majors take.


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