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Long Beach City College / Rosenborg

Long Beach City College / Rosenborg

Long Beach City College / Rosenborg


Since 1927, Long Beach City College has been at the heart of the community providing educational programs with a commitment to excellence in student learning in a culturally diverse and vibrant environment.

The college grew rapidly during and after World War II and added the Pacific Coast Campus, formerly Hamilton Junior High, in 1949. Numerous extension campuses and satellite locations were added as growth continued in the early 1970s. As a result of state law, the college separated from the Long Beach Unified School District and became the independent Long Beach Community College District with its own locally elected Board of Trustees.

Long Beach City College continues to have a deserved reputation for excellence for its instructional programs and its graduates achieve tremendous success after transferring to four-year colleges or entering the workforce. The college’s reputation is further enhanced by key partnerships and economic development initiatives. With its many accomplishments, LBCC is well-positioned to build on its tradition of success in serving the community for generations to come.


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