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Louisiana Christian University Bachelor of General Studies Degree
Louisiana Christian University

Bachelor of General Studies Degree

Pineville, USA

4 Years


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Sep 2024

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The general studies degree offers an alternative to the traditional bachelor of science or bachelor of arts programs for students who desire:

  • To earn a baccalaureate degree by studying a broad area of concentration rather than a defined departmental curriculum.
  • To find a college experience more suitable to specific lifetime interests and/or career changes.
  • To emphasize lifelong learning for the sake of enrichment.
  • To enhance the potential for employment in a changing job market.

Due to the broad focus of the bachelor of general studies requirements, this program is not recommended for a student who intends to fulfill specific admissions requirements for:

  • Graduate or professional schools.
  • Theological seminaries.
  • Professions which require state certification or licensing.

The bachelor of general studies degree is especially designed to allow a greater flexibility in the selection of courses. It does require adherence to certain guidelines for all degree programs at Louisiana Christian University. To be admitted to the general studies program, a student must have successfully completed at least 15 semester hours at Louisiana Christian University and possess a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.



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