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Malmö University Bachelor in Peace and Conflict Studies
Malmö University

Bachelor in Peace and Conflict Studies

Malmö, Sweden

3 Years


Full time

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02 Sep 2024

SEK 290,000 / per course *


* full tuition fee


Armed conflict and other forms of organized violence affect the daily lives of people in many parts of the world. The program in Peace and Conflict Studies will provide you with an understanding of systemic as well as grassroots-level perspectives on organized violence, conflict resolution, and the concept of peace. During the study, you will learn to understand and analyze how various types of armed conflict and organized violence arise and develop over time, and also under which conditions sustainable peace might emerge.

This three-year bachelor's program provides you with in-depth knowledge of Peace and Conflict Studies as a field, including its historical and theoretical foundations and its key analytical and methodological approaches. Moreover, you will get insights into specialized subject areas within the field such as civil society and social movements; media, propaganda, and enemy images; and the role of the United Nations.

Peace and Conflict Studies is a multidisciplinary program that draws on perspectives from political science, history, law, anthropology, and philosophy. Throughout the program, we address sets of questions such as:

  • Why and how do armed conflicts and other forms of organized violence arise? What are the systemic and structural causes? What is the impact of media, propaganda, and enemy images?
  • How do combatants and victims of armed conflict experience and handle their situation? How can violence and oppression be resisted?
  • What is required to achieve peace? How can violent conflicts be managed and turned into peaceful conditions by peaceful means?
  • What role do international organizations and civil society play in working for peace both locally and globally? How do they go about their work in practice?

Practical experience and studies abroad

Within the framework of the program, you have two elective semesters. You have the opportunity to do an internship with a relevant national or international organization, authority, association, or company, giving you practical experience outside the traditional classroom setting. You also have the chance to study abroad for either one or two semesters; Malmö University cooperates with a large number of universities to provide exchange opportunities for our students.



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