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Miguel Torga Institute of Higher Education (ISMT)

Miguel Torga Institute of Higher Education (ISMT)

Miguel Torga Institute of Higher Education (ISMT)


Who are we?

One of the oldest University Institutions of Private Higher Education in Portugal, with more than seven decades of existence. We minister eleven courses of the 1st cycle (Graduation) in Social Work, Psychology, Journalism Information, Business Communication, Computer Science with Business, Computer Sciences, Multimedia, Communication Design, Management, Human Resources Management, and Accounting and Auditing.

As for courses of the 2nd cycle (Masters) is authorized the functioning of the following: Clinical Psychology (with three branches of specialization), Human Resources Management and Organisational Behavior, Social Psychology of Health, Social Work, Social Gerontology, Network Administration and Informatics Systems (in partnership with ISPGAYA). In addition to these courses, ISMT also offers Postgraduate courses (non-academic degree), beyond short training conducted under the Prime Training Center (result in the partnership between the Institute and PROFIFORMA, Consulting and Training Office, Ltd.), which includes, among others, courses in teacher training.

ISMT, under Cooperation Protocols, cooperates in doctoral studies, such as the course of Ph.D. in Psychology (in agreement with the University of Extremadura - Spain). We are also a training institute accredited by DGERT (Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations) and Council of Scientific and Pedagogical Training Unit.

How many are we?

About 30 staff and 100 Lecturers/Collaborators and close to 1400 students, which constitutes a faculty and student body who is creative, innovative and critical.

How are we?

Demanding in the construction of the present and impatient for the future.

Why are we?

Because we want to contribute to the creation of a critical mass and we want to substantiate a project of innovative teaching. And because the new millennium is based on the quality that is our big bet. We are certain that the ISMT is where the future has already begun.


  • Coimbra

    Largo da Cruz de Celas, 1 , 3000-132 , Coimbra