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Studying Architecture at AUB is the first step towards becoming a creative architect. On this unique and exciting course, you will work within the context of a studio-based arts university, where everyone shares an interest in different forms of making. ARB and RIBA accredit BA Architecture (Part 1), so on the course, you will prepare for professional practice.

Upon graduating, this professional validation means that students will have fulfilled the first of a three-part process required to become a registered architect in the United Kingdom.

You will investigate the ways we live in the world, individually and collectively, through our spatial relationships with materials, to make places that make a difference. You will be exposed to a wide range of skills that will form the foundation of your career in Architecture, including making, collaboration, designing, and doing. You will develop an understanding of the practice and theory of architecture, grounded in the making, critical thinking, and familiarity with the material nature of architectural ideas. You’ll explore the reflective practice of making thoughtful, tangible, inhabited places that mediate between the individual, the world we live in, and the others we live with.

Through a process of ‘making and thinking,’ you will come to understand works of architecture as places that house our lives and challenge our expectations. Besides architectural design, you will experiment with drawing, photography, printmaking, modelmaking, video, and electronic media. You will learn the importance of collaboration with other disciplines by working with students from art, design, media, and performance.

To bring theory alive, you will travel to see examples of excellence in architectural design in Britain and beyond. Likewise, you will be given insights into innovative professional practice through lectures, visits, and studio projects led by practising architects, engineers, and designers. Approximately 45% of your time will be contact hours, including scheduled teaching sessions and supervised time in the workshop or studio. The remainder of your time studying will be independent. 100% of an assessment for this course is coursework based.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of architectural concepts, techniques, and processes in the integrated application in architectural design propositions.

Demonstrate understanding of methods of initiating, structuring, and realizing architectural propositions.

Demonstrate an understanding of the social context, interdisciplinary, and regulatory framework within which architectural practice operates.

Demonstrate an understanding of how historical, contextual, and theoretical issues inform architectural design.

Apply to your work to understand the relationship between architectural and urban design theory, history, and practice.

Demonstrate a knowledge of the related specialisms of technology and environment and how these inform integrated architectural design; ability to exploit a range of methods, materials, and technologies available for the expression of original architectural propositions.

Demonstrate research skills and the ability to think analytically and conceptually.

Apply individual solutions to the creative resolution of architectural propositions.

Demonstrate good communication skills through appropriate (oral, written, visual) formats.

Work well as part of a team and demonstrate good interdisciplinary working relationships in preparation for professional practice.

Studios and resources Our Architecture studios mirror the industry, with students working together in a high-energy environment. You’ll share your experiences with others in a supportive environment and have access to 3D workshops with manual and digital manufacturing equipment.

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