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Nakhchivan University

Nakhchivan University

Nakhchivan University


Nakhchivan University was established in 1999 by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan and started its activity as a higher education institution. The university is the only private university located outside the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

There are 4 faculties, 10 chairs and 6 centres in the university. At present, 81 teachers are engaged in training about 1,000 students. Among them, there are members of ANAS, doctors of sciences, professors, lecturers.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, bachelor's degrees in 15 specialities and master's degrees in 6 specialities are being taught at the university.

The university has a rich material and technical base. A magnificent university campus consisting of 7 buildings and auxiliary facilities has been built. There are teaching buildings that are perfectly architecturally and pedagogically developed, with tastefully designed lecture and study rooms, cabins and centres. The latest modification technologies are used in the training process.


There is a digital library, a scientific library with rich book fund, a pretty sports complex and a conference hall, a modern dormitory with all amenities, and a three-storeyed social service centre.

The University cooperates with 51 universities in the world. It is a member of three international educational organizations. The University participates in international programs and projects.

"Nakhchivan" University is a prestigious educational institution with a unique place among the universities of Azerbaijan. The main goal that we have set is to train highly qualified personnel in order to secure our independence, protect the integrity of the country, acquire national values, and work with developed countries.

The opportunities available at the university, which has a serious education structure, are the key to achieving this goal. These opportunities include the state care provided to the university, the high academic discipline, the constant professional staffing of the faculty members, the availability of high academic interests in the students, the provision of the educational process with the latest ICTs, and so on. Can be shown. The university-based credit system has led to increased education quality, the use of ICT and learning foreign languages. We consider our graduates to be active in the socio-economic life of our society, and represent our dignity in our country and our nation in many countries, as our greatest achievement.



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