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National Taiwan Normal University Bachelor of Design
National Taiwan Normal University

Bachelor of Design

162號, Taiwan

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Sep 2023

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The foundation of our department aims to adapt to contemporary tendency of international design and the urgent needs for design talents in Taiwan. No longer designing courses with the help of traditional plan of design education, we prioritize instead on the cultivation of the professional talents equipping with the indispensable elements for multi-dimensional thinking as below: “the strategy in design”, “the comprehensive services in design” and “the professional esprit in work place”.

1)The integral concept is intended for the edification and inspiration of creative thinking. 2)Our curriculum is designed to adapt to the future needs of design talents for the whole creative design industry. 3)Besides equipping our students with professional know-how, our curriculum emphasizes the multi-dimensional and cross over knowledge and is organized according to future demands for design talents. 4)We consult with each of our student to make sure that they have the abilities to spontaneously acquire core professional techniques of their own, devote themselves to further studies and participate in extra-curricular activities regarding with their interests. 5)In terms of future career choices of our students, the curriculum dedicates to cultivate future managers for design industry and talents with the abilities to freely transfer between various professional fields.

6) We will gradually cut down on the time of design courses, with purpose of giving liberal time to our student for their pursuits of professional self-studies and extracurricular activities. In the mean time we still put emphasis on the acquisition of good taste, equally enhancing the professional standard of our courses. 7)We emphasize artistic accomplishment and horizon broadening. 8)We especially value internalization, and many times in a year hold international workshops, seminars, design forums and events for exchanging ideas. 9)We provide our student accesses to both international and national arts and design magazines, thus offering them the best way to approach and acquire the concept of creative design.

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